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Dress Shirts - Essentials of the Dress Shirt 

The best dress shirt combines classic craft and real-world comfort. The collar is contoured with room to move. Sleeves are offered in specific lengths to fall on the wrists just right. Choose Traditional, Tailored or Slim fit for that perfect look.

Choosing the Right Dress Shirt

We Offer Designer Shirts & More

All Dress Shirts, French Cuff Dress Shirts, Tuxedo Dress Shirts, Boys Dress Shirts, Sport-shirts, Polo's & Made to Measure/Custom Shirts.

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Pants, Slacks & Washables

We offer quality dress slacks, that last!

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Are You Choosing the Right Slacks?

We Also Have Designer Women's Clothing

Are you looking looking for women's attire? Great! Our store carries, not only men's clothing, but we also liquidate women's clothing from the the TV/Movie industry, with huge discounts for our in-store clients, as well as our onsite customers.
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Sport coats & Blazers

We carry Suits, Sport-coats, Blazers, Sport-coats,  Vests and offer Custom Made Suits.

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Dress for the Occasion

What's the difference between a suit, sport-coat or blazer?
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Know the Difference

Don't be fooled - Customized does NOT mean Custom Made.

Both "Customized" and "Custom-made" are good, but they address different issues or occasions, and are certainly different in cost. 
Made to measure is NOT "custom-made", but many chain stores use the term loosely when it is merely an off-the-rack sized separates program with pre-delivered alterations done.
It does not require the time and cost to produce when compared to a custom made garment , which involves 20+ measurements to fit only one individual and about six weeks to complete. Don't pay more if you are not getting more to get the perfect fit you desire.
Hollywood Studios Outlet, Customizes and offers true Custom-Made. 

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The "Feel" (the Hand of the Fabric) Test

Know that you're educating yourself on how to "Dress to Impress", we challenge you to take the "Feel Test".
Yes, the "Feel Test". Don't buy a suit, till you understand the quality of fabric you are putting on, and how you and others react to the difference in quality, suppleness, look and feel of a designer fabric, vs a high price wannabe fabric.  Trust your fingertips, not your pocket. 
We have you covered when it comes to high quality fabrics that make up our clothing. We don't settle for less than the best, and neither does Hollywood. We get their overstocks, and liquidate them to the public, you! We don't pretend to give quality, we are all about quality! We stand by our dedication to serve you, our customer, and stand behind our word that we offer the best quality at price reductions that are hard to beat.
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Our Gaurantee

Our suits are Designer-made of high quality fabric and construction. However, we understand that sometimes even the best clothing may have its flaws. Because of this, we guarantee a 7 day money back guarantee for your satisfaction.

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Suit Outlet 805 offers Accessories for your Wardrobe

Ties Jewelry & Cufflinks Belts & Suspenders Pocket Squares & Handkerchiefs Socks Underwear Wallets & Bags Hats, Gloves, & Scarves Formal Wear Accessories Fragrance Eyewear Clothing & Shoe Care. 
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Clothing is a Necessity - We've Got Your Back 

The Greatest Value for You: Is When Your Clothes Fit You, Your Situation and Lastly Your Budget to Always be Worth Your While to Dress for Success.